No Excuse For An Unsafe Workplace

There is no excuse for an unsafe workplace. Every employer has the responsibility to provide their employees with a safe and secure work environment.

When was your last safety review or audit conducted to measure compliance to OSHA standards/requirements?  Hopefully the findings were better than a New Jersey warehouse that was recently fined $155,400 by OSHA for a variety of basic safety violations.  These safety violations included:

  • The inability to easily open exit doors from the inside.
  • Restricted/limited access to Exits.
  • Exit routes not kept free and unobstructed.
  • Insufficient directional Exit signage.
  • Doors not marked “Not an Exit”.
  • LP-Gas containers not properly stored.
  • Unkept restrooms: Garbage on floor, toilets and sinks not clean.
  • Materials stacked in unsafe manner.
  • Unsafe use of power industrial trucks (forklifts).
  • Lack of a written Hazard Communication Program.
  • Lack of Hazard training.
  • Missing MSDS sheets.
  • Employees operating compactor without interlock/guards in place.

If you have questions concerning OSHA violations; are in need of a safety review; or need help in creating a pro-active Safety Program to address OSHA requirements, give us a call at 813-991-5628 or visit our website at  $


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