Shoplifting Violence

There is no such thing as a “routine” shoplifting stop. Employees, security guards, loss prevention personnel, even the police must always be ‘on guard’ when stopping someone for shoplifting.  In recent years we are hearing and reading about more incidents where a “routine” shoplifting stop/approach turns violent which can  result in injury or even death to the person making the stop.  Here are some recent shoplifting incidents that turned violent:

Arizona: Two men were observed by a store security guard removing their shoes, putting on new shoes, and then walking past all points of purchase. When he stopped the two men they pulled knife on him, warned him to back-off and then fled.

Arizona: When police arrived and approach a man in the parking lot suspected of shoplifting, the man pulled a gun and fired at the officer.  The suspect jumped into a waiting car and fled.

California: A woman observed shoplifting in the store was stopped at the door by an employee.  When the employee tried to detain the woman she bit into his arm in an attempt to get away.

Colorado: When 2 store employees confronted a man about the theft of DVD movies the man pulled a knife and threatened them with harm.

Florida: Upon witnessing a teenage female enter the fitting room with several items but exit with none of them, an employee stopped her for shoplifting. The teen pulled a pair of scissors and tried to stab the employee.

Minnesota: Two store employees were injured when they stopped a man for shoplifting and he pulled a knife and cut one employee on the arm and stabbed the other in the leg.

South Carolina: When a convenience store clerk approached 2 people in the parking lot for shoplifting some electronics, they steered their car right at her and she had to jump on the hood to avoid being hit.  She held on, but then fell from the car seriously injuring herself.

Texas: A shoplifter stabbed an employee in the hand when he was stopped for shoplifting just outside the store’s front doors.

Utah: After spending 20 minutes in the fitting room, an 18 year old male and his friend were stopped at the door for shoplifting. When the male fled the store, the employees followed, the man stopped and punched one employee in his nose breaking it, and the other in the throat; he then got away.

Ontario: A couple was observed shoplifting in the store and when approached by store employees ran in the parking lot.  The male ran into a nearby car and the female was momentarily detained and then broke free. The man drove his car into the store employees, before fleeing.

The above incidents are far too prevalent today and should be a warning to all. The risks associated with making a shoplifting stop are real and therefore only trained and authorized personnel should make a shoplifting stop. $ 

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