Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies

According to OSHA data, more than 1,000 U.S. workers are victims of homicide at work each year, and as a result, homicide is now the second leading cause of workplace death. In today’s highly violent society, no business can afford to be without a workplace violence prevention program. Once a workplace violence incident occurs, the cost extends far beyond any loss of life or injury, as it is not uncommon for a company to suffer many additional costs including increased security; interruption of business; loss of productivity and work time; cleanups and repairs; increased workers’ comp claims; increased insurance premiums; and fees relating to litigation and psychological care for employees.

The team at Hayes International has the expertise to help your company develop and implement an effective program that addresses a number of critical issues, including preventative methods; physical security risk surveys; human resources strategies; supervisory and employee training; domestic violence issues; and related policies and procedures that are designed to work within the specific culture of your company.

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