Safety Programs

An OSHA/EPA inspector just arrived at your door . . . Are you ready for their spontaneous inspection, or is the walk-thru going to prove costly?

As stated by one of our major client’s C.E.O. “The objective of the Company’s Safety Program is to reduce the number of employee injuries, illnesses and property damage as the result of accidents, through training and safety awareness. Safety is more than a word . . . a manual . . . or a meeting once a month. It is an attitude and a state of mind that produces an individual and collective commitment throughout the Company to avoid personal injury or illness and to preserve our Company’s assets. Safety and accident prevention are the responsibility of both management and employees.”

Hayes Consultants can help your Company improve its compliance with governmental regulations; increase employee knowledge about safety concerns; develop formal Safety Programs; and implement proven-effective monitoring strategies to help ensure that related programs/requirements remain in place and effective.

Development of Safety Program
It is most important that every company has a formal and well-defined Safety Program to reduce/control the losses that result from accidents and injuries.  Hayes International assists companies in developing, implementing and monitoring formal Safety Programs with an emphasis an OSHA compliance. These programs define specific requirements to control/reduce accidents and injuries and ensure the company is OSHA compliant within their stores, distribution centers and home office activities.

Development of Safety Compliance Audits
Once a formal Safety Program has been created, it is important that an effective audit process be designed and implemented to help ensure proper Program compliance. Hayes International has developed various ‘weighted/scored’ Safety Audit programs for client companies to ensure that compliance is accurately measured and corrective actions promptly taken.

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