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“Business Fraud: From Trust To Betrayal”: by Jack l. Hayes
Internal fraud is costing U.S. companies over $500 billion annually. To make matters worse no business is immune. Internal fraud is happening everywhere!

In his revolutionary book, one of the nation’s top experts on business crime reveals:
– The six devastating internal fraud-producing mistakes most often made bymanagement
– Why it is a mistake to rely on auditors to keep your workplace free from fraud
– The three factors creating the greatest internal fraud risks in any operation
– The primary reason these crimes thrive in today’s high-tech world of crime fighting

Business Fraud: From Trust To Betrayal

Read this book and you will:
– Change your way of thinking if you believe you are not at risk for fraud
– Learn where, why, and how crimes occur; get an eye-opening look at who the fraudsters are, and discover ways to defeat them
– Find out how vulnerable you are to fraud and embezzlement
– Discover a new way to combat fraud that will give you a head start on the path to Preventative Management, the unique edge in internal fraud prevention

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Moral Leadership and Ethical Decision Making “Moral Leadership and Ethical Decision Making”: by Drs. J. Owen Cherrington, Ph. D., CPA & David J. Cherrington, DBA, SPHR
This book provides illustrations of honesty and integrity and explains how we acquire high moral character through effective leadership and ethical organizations. It also describes five different ways to make ethical decisions and explains how to apply them and when you should use one rather than another.

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Baseball's Finest Moments “Baseball’s Finest Moments”: by Jack L, Hayes
Memoir of an early 1950s American League batboy who also rubber elbows with some of the greatest players of all time, including Mickey Mantle, Satchel Page, Ted Williams, and dozens of other immortal stars.

In this book you’ll find scores of interesting stories about unforgettable moments in the game, and see “what the batboy saw” as he mingled with legendary players of the 1950s – a time that may well go down as the greatest in American baseball history!

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