Training – Loss Prevention & Safety

Jack L. Hayes is one of the original retail executives who both introduced and pioneered the concept of Loss Prevention in the United States. Today, the Hayes Team of proven professionals are internationally recognized experts on Loss Prevention, Shrinkage Control, Security, Safety and Asset Protection.

Training Programs & Seminars
For nearly 40 years, Hayes International has presented training workshops/seminars to many of the finest retail, industrial and manufacturing companies in the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. Our seminars cover the complete range of asset management strategies.

Hayes International’s management/employee training expertise is recognized on an international level, and our training materials are used by some of the finest companies in the world. Hayes International has produced a variety of training materials including more than 180 minutes of award winning video tapes, management audio tape/workbook program, a self-instructional training workbooklet for retail employees in loss prevention/security, a variety of training-related literature/materials, and incentive/motivational campaigns. Hayes consultants frequently present customized workshops to organizations and companies on a national and international basis.

With over a century of experience/expertise behind them, the Hayes Team is highly qualified to conduct comprehensive management training classes on Prevention of Theft (Internal & External) in the workplace; and reducing a company’s vulnerability to losses.

Call us for further information on our training workshops and related programs.

Armed Robbery Preparedness
The Hayes team is highly experienced and well-versed in assisting companies to minimize risk and preparing for unexpected emergencies – including armed robbery prevention programs.

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