Theft Vulnerability Review

Larceny, fraud and embezzlement cost companies billions of dollars each year! Worse yet, many of these crimes are committed by highly trusted employees and/or those individuals assigned to positions which allow them to take discrete advantage of weaknesses in the company’s internal systems and controls.

Our research shows that in most instances, significant theft was able to be perpetrated year after year because of a company’s inability to recognize critical warning signals, or to identify serious weaknesses in their internal systems and procedures.

Being able to identify and correct vulnerable business practices and procedures which create opportunities for significant theft to occur requires a thorough understanding of how ‘top level’ fraud and theft can take place within your specific company. Few companies have the in-house expertise needed to analyze and accurately evaluate highly complex operational or accounting procedures that are frequently used by ‘hardcore’ and ‘white collar’ thieves to commit significant theft.

Hayes International has the expertise and experience necessary to perform high-level theft vulnerability reviews for all types of organizations and job-activities. Our reviews have helped various companies literally save millions of dollars that would have been lost to internal, external, or vendor/contractor thefts.

This project focuses on vulnerable systems/procedures that create opportunities for individuals (employees, vendors/contractors, etc.) to commit significant theft/fraud due to weaknesses in a company’s internal systems and controls, or a failure to recognize critical “warning signals”

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