Loss Prevention/Security Organization Review

How effective is your Loss Prevention/Security operation?
Hopefully, it’s more effective than many of those companies that Jack L. Hayes International has analyzed over the past 35+ years! Some of those ineffective operations were found to ‘return’ as little as 15 percent on the total dollars invested. Primary causes of ineffectiveness were traced to the Loss Prevention/Security Department’s manpower allocations, direction, and focus.

Determining a company’s loss prevention/security staffing needs is no easy task. Too large a staff increases expenses unnecessarily. Too small a staff results in needless losses.

During this Loss Prevention/Security Organization Review, we evaluate and make recommendations regarding the highly technical/complex issues of loss prevention as they relate to structure, manpower allocations, productivity, programs, equipment investments, etc. Without exception, clients have found this study extremely helpful in setting the proper direction and increasing the cost-effectiveness of their Loss Prevention function.

No other consulting company has the level of expertise in this highly technical and complex area, as Hayes International! As result, we have assisted all types of retail, industrial, wall street, and manufacturing companies in determining their loss prevention/security and audit staffing needs.

Related Outsource Capabilities
Hayes International consultants frequently assist clients in a variety of outsource situations including managing and monitoring the Company’s Loss Prevention/Inventory Shrinkage Control effort/program. In addition, our exceptional expertise within the loss prevention area makes us highly capable of overseeing and assisting with the total direction of the Loss Prevention Department including planning, budgeting, resources, staffing, auditing, programs and strategies.  For more information see the “Outsourced Loss Prevention Services” section.

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