Loss Prevention Program & Audit Development

Development of Loss Prevention/Inventory Shrinkage Control Program
Upon completion of our Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control Analysis or Assessment, it is most important that a formal and well-defined Program be developed to reduce/control losses. Hayes International assists companies in developing, implementing and monitoring formal Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Improvement Programs to reduce and control inventory shrinkage. These programs define specific requirements to control/reduce Internal Theft, External Theft, and Paper/System-related issues within stores, distribution centers and home office activities.

Development of Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control Compliance Audits
It is also important that once a formal Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control Program has been put in place that an effective audit process be designed and implemented to help ensure proper Program compliance. Hayes International has developed various ‘weighted/scored’ audit programs for client companies to ensure that compliance is accurately measured and corrective actions taken.

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