Expert Witness/Legal Assistance Projects

Internationally acclaimed loss prevention/security industry experts are available to provide assistance and/or testimony in criminal and civil matters in relation to accepted industry standards, particularly within the realms of external theft, shoplifting, employee theft, investigative procedures and practices, training, and company policies and procedures.

On a selective basis, and when deemed in the best interest of the loss prevention/security profession, Hayes International consultants may assist with both criminal and civil litigation issues. Only those in need of highly ethical and knowledgeable expertise/support should contact Hayes International for further information.

Hayes International also provides professional and proven-effective loss prevention-related assistance with merger-and-acquisition projects and investment management as it applies to inventory shrinkage control strategies, anti-theft equipment purchases, and staff allocations. We have performed a variety of assistance projects for accounting firms, capital lending groups, and private organizations. Let Hayes International’s 35+ years of proven-successful experience help you to improve investment profits! Simply give us a call. . . We can help!

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