Distribution Center LP/Security Review

Warehouse/distribution center operations can quickly become a source of major loss! Theft within these facilities may go unnoticed for months, even years, because of theft vulnerabilities that extend well beyond basic physical security and door controls. Hayes International has the combination of talent, experience and know-how to identify areas where significant theft most likely can and will occur. Our programs have helped many companies, both large and small, to save millions of dollars that would have been lost to external and/or internal theft.

This analysis focuses on the distribution facility, and its daily operational procedures from a loss prevention/security viewpoint. Areas of analysis include: receiving, shipping, transfer trailer security, employee controls, physical security and the facility’s inventory accountability process.

Transportation/Claims Issues
Experienced Hayes International consultants can successfully review the entire transportation/claims process (DC to 3rd party carrier to stores) to ensure that proper controls are in place, and that our client company is not experiencing loss/shrink from factors not directly under their control.

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