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Jack L. Hayes International, Inc. is internationally recognized as the foremost inventory shrinkage control/loss prevention consulting firm in the world.

We are pleased to cite that over 90 percent of our new consulting projects come directly from client referrals.

During the past 40 years, the team at Hayes International has developed a reputation within the area of inventory shrinkage control/loss prevention that is second to none! Having worked in all types of retail, industrial, service, and manufacturing companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and South America, our consultants have gained an exceptional understanding of where inventory shrinkage can occur, and of which loss prevention-related strategies work and don’t work within a particular environment or culture. This extensive exposure has given our team an exceptional understanding of the multiple facets of inventory shrinkage, as well as a wealth of knowledge regarding mistakes most often made by those companies who fail to achieve worthwhile improvement. As a result, Jack L. Hayes International has developed a highly successful and impressive track record within multiple segments of industry. In addition, we have developed a high level of confidence with those executives responsible for the security/loss prevention, and audit profession. As a result, many of our clients consist of highly experienced loss prevention/inventory shrinkage control and security executives. It is also worthy to note that Hayes International has been recommended to their clients by several national and international accounting firms.

What would it mean to your bottom-line if your company reduced its inventory loss by just one-tenth of one percent, . . . or better yet, a full percent or more?

Jack L. Hayes International has helped numerous companies – from auto parts chains to lumber companies, telephone companies to musical instrument stores, beauty salons to fine jewelry stores, party goods outlets to military exchanges, soft drink and beer plants to gold refineries, apparel manufacturers to financial investors, automotive and airplane tire centers to computer companies, motion picture studios to video tape distributors, meat processing plants to supermarkets, softgoods stores to hardware retailers – to substantially cut their losses by 30%, 40%, 50% or more through more effectively controlling their inventory shortages/losses. If you are not satisfied with your company’s security, loss prevention, or shrinkage control-related results, or question the cost-effectiveness of payroll and equipment dollars being spent within this highly technical area, give us a call!

Failure Factors
More often than not, companies with inventory shrinkage problems have attempted to address this issue through a variety of ways including copying a successful retailer’s efforts, purchasing expensive anti-theft equipment, or adding more personnel. Unfortunately, few of those strategies prove cost-effective, because little, if any, worthwhile effort has been made to accurately identify that company’s primary shrink contribution factor(s) and to implement programs/strategies which are custom designed to meet their cultural and operational needs.

Successful Strategies
Over our 40 years in the loss prevention/inventory shrinkage control consulting field, Hayes International has established its highly successful track record as a result of having developed an exceptional understanding of how the multiple components of inventory shrinkage, company culture, and operational and inventory accounting practices actually interface on a daily basis to either positively or negatively impact inventory shrinkage. We have learned that the very first step towards effective inventory shrinkage control must commence with an in-depth analysis to accurately identify the client’s primary shrinkage causing factors (internal theft, external theft and paper/systems errors). This is not a process of a few key executives giving their perceptions of what is creating loss, and then purchasing equipment or developing some strategies to meet their perceived need. Guesswork usually results in failure!

To be successful, management must gain a clear understanding of the role that each contributing factor is playing in the overall shrinkage problem. We best relate this approach to one of a doctor and patient. The process must commence with a comprehensive ‘examination’. Appropriate treatment cannot be prescribed through a ‘cursory’ checkup, or face-to-face interview. The road to recovery requires an in-depth Shrinkage Control Analysis and very specific medication.

Payback on Consulting Fee Investment
Hayes International not only helps a client company to become more profitable as a result of improved shrinkage control, we routinely help each client to ensure that current and anticipated loss prevention-related expenditures are both meaningful and worthwhile. For 40 years, we have proven our expertise in being able to conduct in-depth analyses of both “paper/systems” and theft-related issues for small businesses just getting started to large multi-billion dollar companies. We do not believe that any of our “competition” possesses such an overall level of expertise.

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