What Clients Say About Us

We are pleased to state that over 95 percent of our new consulting projects come directly from client referrals. We encourage all prospective clients to talk with our clients, and hear first-hand about the quality of work and type of results that Hayes International has helped them achieve. 

Executive Vice President:
The numbers are finally in and you were absolutely, positively correct that if we followed your guidelines we would obtain the number (shrinkage %) that we were looking for. I wish to go on record that of all the consultants over the past twenty-five years that have been engage by us, your analysis, documentation, guidelines, and most importantly the direction that was set forth by Hayes International paid off in big dividends!

President and C.E.O.:
Your Inventory Shrinkage Control Analysis provided us with many excellent recommendations and shrinkage control strategies. We are celebrating what is our best shrinkage results in many years. We have implemented many of your recommendations, and continue to use your analysis to “fine tune” our loss prevention program. Our relationship with you and your fine organization has proven to be one of the most rewarding we have ever had.

Executive Vice President:
I want to compliment you and your staff for the great work on our Inventory Shrinkage Control Analysis and Loss Prevention Organizational Review. We engaged you because you came highly recommended when we researched who to use for our project. You delivered what the references said you would. More importantly, and perhaps unusual for a consultant, you delivered what you said you could! We found you and your people to be truly professional, with in-depth real world experiences. We appreciated the shirt sleeves approach in digging into all corners and the “no punches pulled” manner in which you disclosed your findings.

Vice President, Controller:
Our management team is greatly pleased with the inventory shrinkage improvement achieved at year-end. Hayes International’s assistance and guidance in the development of our Loss Prevention Department played a major role. The Target Store Intensive Care Program, the Passport Incentive Program, the “Yes We Can” Awareness Program, and the revamp of our Store Audit Program hit a home run! Today, we talk about multiple millions of dollars added to the bottom-line because Hayes International gave us the strong technical hands-on guidance we needed.

Internal Audit Manager:
Please add us to your long list of satisfied clients. Your work was thorough and included all pertinent areas. I thought your report was well-written; including enough detail to sufficiently describe the nature of the problem and one or more specific corrective measures. It was readily apparent from your report and from observing you work that Hayes International really cares about the company and people you are reviewing.

Administrative Service Manager:
Our preliminary inventory results are in and they are very good. This is the second consecutive great inventory, which means we have consistency and believability. As promised, you have made us heroes. There is no question on a payback from our loss prevention effort, it is both substantial and real. All I know is our loss prevention program is among the best in the country, and it’s in a large part because of Hayes International.

Executive Vice President:
Just one year ago our company was faced with the problem of high shrinkage and a lack of understanding and systems to deal with these losses. Hayes International’s assistance and guidance has resulted in a very commendable and significant reduction in our year-end inventory shrinkage figures. You have given us the tools and programs to assist us in dealing with this ongoing problem on our own. I am certain that whomever Hayes International works for in the future will also experience the benefits of your knowledge and expertise.

Vice President:
For the past year our inventory shortages have improved dramatically. I would like to thank you for your help in analyzing our strengths and weaknesses and pointing us in the right direction. Without your help, we would still be floundering.

General Manager:
We had a recent unannounced OSHA visit/review, and I am happy to report that we came out without any fines or citations. The OSHA inspector was very complimentary of our proactive Safety Program, and I thank the team at Hayes International for that! Had this visit been just a few years earlier before we had implemented our Safety Program and Audit with Hayes International, the results would have been devastating.  Thank you!

Vice President Risk Management:
Our experience with Hayes International  and their consulting team has been exceptional – you truly deliver what you say you will, and then some. Your participation in our Corporate Safety Committee, back-to-work program, claims reviews, and the implementation of 3rd Party Safety audits within all our locations has paid big dividends to our company’s bottom-line profits.

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