About Us

Why Hayes International:
For 40 years, Hayes International has helped all types of retail, industrial, distribution and manufacturing companies to become a great deal more profitable through a program of effective inventory shrinkage control and risk management.  During this period, we have worked in literally hundreds of stores, facilities/plants, and distribution centers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and South America.  This extensive exposure has given us an exceptional understanding of the various ways shrinkage and loss occur, as well as a wealth of knowledge regarding mistakes most often made by those who fail to make improvement.

Our team of Consultants are highly qualified within the Loss Prevention and Safety areas, possess unmatched skills and expertise, and have earned a reputation that is unsurpassed in the consulting industry.  Each Hayes Consultant came up in the industry, has 20 or more years of experience, and was either a Director or Vice President of Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control for various companies during their career. We develop practical, yet creative and innovative solutions to each client’s business problems.  We are recognized in the industry as outstanding expense controllers, and frequently our studies result not only in increased profits gained from more effective shrinkage/loss control, but also from reductions of unnecessary expenditures.

Our Commitment to our Clients:
It is our philosophy, and we have built our outstanding reputation, on the fact that we will provide each client with superior service.

Because of the quality of our service we normally establish long-term relationships with those executives with whom we have worked, and that’s why Hayes International, Inc. takes special pride in welcoming and encouraging each prospective new client to check our references.  Of particular note is the fact that more than 95 percent of our new projects come as direct result of referrals.


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