OSHA’s Top 10 Safety Violations for 2019

OSHA recently released their statistics for the “Top 10” most frequently cited safety violations during 2019. Knowing these ‘Top 10′ violations should assist you in analyzing your own operations to ensure they are in continued compliance. We highly recommend this analysis take place in the near future, so you can keep your associates and customers safe and avoid any big fines from OSHA (see two examples below).

The Top 10 safety violations and the top hazard(s) cited for each violation are:

#1 Fall Protection – General

Failure to provide adequate fall protection (sides & holes)

#2 Hazard Communication

Failure to develop/maintain written Haz Comm Program & Training

#3 Scaffolding

Failure to provide adequate fall protection & support

#4 Lockout/Tagout

Failure to develop/maintain written L/T Program, and training

#5 Respiratory Protection

Failure to evaluate need/use of respirator, and written program

#6 Ladders

Failure of ladder side rails and used only for designed purpose

#7 Powered Industrial Trucks

Failure to operate safely and ensure operator competency and training

#8 Fall Protection – Training

Failure to provide and train employees exposed to fall hazards

#9 Machine Guarding

Failure to provide proper machine guarding

#10 Personal Protective Eye/Face

Failure to ensure affected employees use correct eye & face protection

The penalties OSHA assesses for failure to adhere to the above and other safe workplace practices can be significant, especially if there are repeat and willful violations. Two examples:

A retail specialty chain was assessed $898,692 in penalties/fines following a complaint and inspection of 4 locations. Major citations:

. 8 repeat, and 3 serious violations

. Unsafe storage/stacking of boxes

. Blocked electrical panels

. Improper ladder use

. Blocked aisles & exit routes

A facility was assessed $782,526 in penalties/fines following a complaint.  Major citations:

. 7 serious, 6 willful, 1 repeat and 3 other-than-serious violations

. Failure to train on Lockout/Tagout

. Lack of machine guarding

. Failure to comply with forklift regulations

(Note: OSHA placed the company in its Severe Violator Enforcement Program.)

Have a safe and successful 2020!

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