Peg Hook Merchandise Solution – Controlling Inventory

In today’s economy retail companies are having to work harder and harder to compete with online industry giants like Amazon. This past Black Friday was one of the first times in history that online purchases exceeded in store purchases by a staggering amount; with online sales at $5.03 billion, this was more than a billion dollars higher than the previous year.

With retailers having to compete with online companies, we here at DaVinci Industries have created a product that can help give retail stores ‘a leg up’ on e-commerce companies through better tracking technology. Our product Acutrack is a replacement for scan hook products throughout the industries. This maintenance free display solution makes the product self-face driven by the hands of the customer, not the employees. Every time an item is removed from Acutrack the remaining merchandise is pulled forward, automatically facing the store front. With our patented tracking technology, available in the second generation of this product, retailers can monitor each Acutrack unit through radio frequency identification (RFID) communications. With this feature, Acutrack will be the first and only display product in the market to provide retailers with a store front electronic inventory solution. The major benefit to the buyer is a return on investment gained through less money spent on labor devoted to inventory management, as well as fewer inventory losses. This product will change the way both large and small businesses face their stores and how they approach inventory management solutions. Currently, inventory tracking in retail stores is approximately 68%, and with Acutrack a retailer’s accurate tracking would be close to 95%.

The time we currently live in is a difficult time for retail stores with many companies like Toys r Us declaring bankruptcy because they can’t track and predict how much inventory they have or need for their retail stores. Imagine if you could go to a retail store, and you knew for a fact, that the product you wanted would be there – that is our dream for retail stores. We are bringing the retail industry tracking systems into the modern century with better tracking technology built into their retail store fixture products. This will allow for retail companies to reduce out-of-stocks, help them have accurate numbers on the amount of shrinkage they have in their stores, and allow them to better combat theft.

We at DaVinci Industries want to help make the life of customers, employees and owners of retail stores easier, as we are the next generation in retailing solutions.

(If you would like to learn more about DaVinci Industries and their Acutrack product, visit them at or call them at 815-708-9285.)

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