Are Seasonal Employees Part of Your Shrink Team?

Seasonal employees are an integral part of a retailer’s sales efforts during the holiday season, but are they also part of your shrinkage control program? The holiday season is not only a busy time for shoppers and sales, but it is also a peak period for both shoplifters and dishonest employees.  Seasonal employees need to feel like they are part of the ‘team’ and involved in company programs. So how do you get your seasonal employees involved in the company’s shrinkage control efforts?  Listed below are a few tips to ensure seasonal employees give shrinkage control priority attention throughout the holiday season.

Screening Seasonal Employees
The first step to reducing employee theft (FT, PT or seasonal) is a thorough pre-employment screening process to weed out undesirable applicants. Unfortunately, we hear of various companies putting aside their pre-employment screening program for seasonal hires, mostly to save money and time. But do these companies take into account the expense (increased losses, lack of productivity, etc.) of not screening seasonal hires? Seasonal employees should go through the same pre-employment screening process as regular FT employees.

Training & Awareness
During the orientation process it is most important that shrinkage control issues be addressed and all seasonal employees recognize the priority focus it receives in the company. Following-up the orientation, shrinkage control related materials and information should be presented to and discussed with all seasonal employees on a consistent basis through videos, handouts, memos and short meetings.

Communication & Feedback
It is very important that management communicates with seasonal employees on a regular basis concerning the company’s shrinkage control efforts during the holiday season. Discussing ways to control losses and then providing them with feedback regarding their actions are important factors to make them feel part of the team.

Auditing & Follow-up
After communicating shrinkage control expectations to seasonal employees, you must follow-up/audit to ensure they understood and are following company policies and practices as they relate to shrinkage control.  Remember, “inspect what you expect” and you should have a profitable holiday season.

Rewards & Recognitions
All employees, even seasonal ones, want and need positive reinforcement for a job well done. What better way to show them they are part of the team, than by recognizing their efforts to control losses. Rewards or simple recognition will reinforce their commitment to shrinkage control and hopefully make the holiday season even more profitable. $

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