Unaccounted-For Theft Losses

The 25 large retail companies surveyed for Jack L. Hayes International’s 28th Annual Retail Theft Survey, reported recovering over $200 million from both shoplifters and dishonest employees in 2015. These companies reported 75,947 dishonest employee apprehensions and 1.2 million shoplifter apprehensions resulting in $55.8 million and $206.5 million in recoveries respectively. In addition, these 25 surveyed retailers reported dollar recoveries of $142.6 million from shoplifters where no apprehension was made.
Based on these survey statistics, for every $1.00 recovered from a dishonest employee or shoplifter, $19.61 was lost to retail theft. Therefore, only 5.1 percent of total retail theft losses resulted in a recovery.
Statistics were reported as follows:

1. 2015 Annual Retail Sales for the 25 companies surveyed equaled $703.7 billion.

2. Shrinkage was calculated at 1.38% (at retail, per NRSS) which equaled = $9.711 billion
(2014 Annual sales multiplied by the annual shrinkage percent.)

3. “Paper-Related” Shrinkage was assigned a conservative 30% of total shrinkage.
(Shrinkage of $9.711 billion multiplied by 30% equals $2.913 billion for “paper-related” shrinkage. Note: This figure is believed to exceed realistic “paper-related” shrinkage which we estimate to be well under 25%.)

4. Shrinkage/Losses Due to Theft for the 25 surveyed companies equaled $6.797 billion.
(Total shrinkage minus “paper-related” shrinkage, equals shrinkage/losses due to theft.)

5. Apprehension/Recovery Dollars (Shoplifters and Dishonest Employees in 2015) for surveyed participants equaled $349.141 million.

6. Unaccounted-For Theft Losses equaled $6.448 billion.
(Total shrinkage/losses due to theft minus apprehension/recovery dollars equals dollars in theft that were not identified/unaccounted- for.)

1. 2015 Annual Retail Sales     $ 703,726,429,595
2. Shrinkage (1.38%, NRSS)   $ 9,711,424,728
3. Paper Shrinkage (30%)      -$ 2,913,427,418
4. Losses Due to Theft             $ 6,797,977,310
5. Recovery Dollars                 -$   349,141,738 ( 5.1%)
6. Unaccounted Theft Losses $ 6,448,855,572 (94.9%)

Jack L. Hayes International’s 28th Annual Retail Theft Survey

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