OSHA Violations Can Be Costly

We are over half way through 2016, so now is a good time to review OSHA and safety compliance within all your company locations (warehouses/ distribution centers, stores and office buildings). OSHA will be stepping up their unannounced compliance audits, and increasing fines in 2016.

Below are four recent examples of OSHA fines levied upon retailers for serious, willful and repeat violations. These should be a good reminder to everyone that safety needs to be a daily priority.

Furniture Retailer ($1.77 million fine):
. Major Violations: Cited for 12 willful and 12 repeat violations related to unsafe machinery. Violations included: Moving machine parts not adequately protected; lack of safety mechanisms on machinery; and unintended starting of machinery.
. Serious Violations: Cited for 14 serious violations including: lack of safety training for employees; insufficient emergency stop buttons; and hazards present when servicing machinery (inadequate lockout/tagout).

Texas Retail Store ($55,000 fine, Company over $800,000 in fines in 5 months):
This national discount retailer has been cited more than 200 times for safety and health violations since 2009. The latest violations included failure to keep exit doors and pathway to exit doors unobstructed (willful violation), and failing to store products in a safe, stable and secure manner (willful violation). Repeat violations included: Failing to keep passageways clear/clean; blocked access to portable fire extinguishers; unsecure compressed gas cylinders; and blocked access to electrical panels.

Georgia Discount Retail Store ($83,000 fine):
This store was cited for four (4) repeat safety violations just 90-120 days after the initial inspection. Repeat violations included: Blocked exits and exit ways; blocked access to electrical panels; and improperly maintained fire extinguishers.

Texas Warehouse/Distribution Centers ($86,000 fine):
This home furnishings retailer was cited for safety violations at two of their warehouses/distribution centers. Violations included three (3) serious violations, and two (2) repeat violations. Insufficient training for forklift drivers was both a serious and repeat issue, while other violations included forklifts not properly inspected, and unsafe/damaged storage racks.

If you have questions concerning OSHA violations; are in need of a safety review; or need help in creating a pro-active Safety Program to address OSHA requirements, give us a call at 813-991-5628 or visit us at: www.hayesinternational.com. $

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