Educating Children About Theft

Shop-it Ltd with support from some of the largest security organizations across the UK and Ireland, including the Security Institute, ASIS UK, the International Professional Security Association (IPSA), the Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA), National Anti- Organized Retail Crime Association (NAORCA) from the US, RetailFraud, and not forgetting all the smaller retail crime groups and companies, welcomes you to join “The Retail Theft Prevention Campaign!”

From the very beginning Hayes International has been kindly highlighting the progress of this exciting, engaging campaign via their newsletters. For you retailers, and of course those of you in the security sector who have also been following, you will be happy to know our campaign website specifically designed for retailers and security companies successfully launched at the end of last summer. Without major publicity surrounding the launch we have been overwhelmed with the amount of visitors and interest we have had so far, especially from the U.S.

Even so, this is just the start of a long, challenging journey. With the support of the retail industry we can collaborate in strength and unity with the security industry to help prevent our children from starting a life in retail crime. It’s very simple, without YOUR support this much needed initiative will not succeed. For those of you who are hearing about this captivating venture for the first time, will see that this is possibly one of the most audacious attempts at Theft Prevention seen in modern times.

Through education, awareness and technology we have taken a collaborative approach to give school children across the UK and Ireland the chance to engage, learn and have fun via an interactive game that appeals to this generation. For further information on this exciting, unified approach to Loss Prevention visit our campaign website.

“Help Us….To Help Them….To Help You…!!”

Our main aim is to educate children before they think about starting a life in retail crime. Though, as a retailer you can also turn this customer engaging online game into the ideal marketing platform for your business. Not only can the viewer see your store in video, you can gain large numbers of visitors to your website or social presence at a time of your choosing! Not only are you looking at loss, but from a purely marketing perspective, you are also looking at potential new customers and possible sales, sales, sales!

It is said that the average retailer spends £2 million annually on crime and loss prevention, never mind the millions spent on driving sales. We understand the main concern for any business is their return on investment. Looking at the bigger picture for your business then this one-off opportunity is too good to miss! So, what are you waiting for? Visit our campaign website now and see for your selves!

“Retail Crime….Together We Can….Shop-It….!!”

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