Robbery Prevention Tips

It is a known fact that every year some employees are injured or even killed during a robbery.  Retail stores’ risk increases during the busy holiday season as money handing activities escalate. Here are three quick worthwhile tips to consider: 

Minimize Exposure of Funds

Many robbers or an accomplice ‘case’ a store before committing a robbery. When inside, high on their priority list is getting a look at what the money ‘take’ may be.

Always keep cash to a minimum; never unnecessarily expose register funds. Reevaluate bank deposit procedures to determine if there is a safer/less risk method. 

Ensure Visibility

Robbery risks increase when signs, displays, etc. obstruct windows and/or doors. Weak interior lighting is also an area that should be of concern.

Keep those doors and windows between the cashier and exterior free of ‘blockage’. Every reasonable step should be taken to ensure that proper lighting is in place.  If at all possible, do not open the back door at night to put out trash. 

Additional Information – Free Consultation!

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Training is Critical

Improper actions and/or resistance can lead to violence.

Employees should be properly trained in ways to minimize robbery risks, and in what to expect during a robbery. If your company does not have such a program available, contact your local law enforcement agency.  $

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