Shoplifting Violence

Violence! Today, we hear and read a great deal about violence in our society! Most often it takes the form of domestic violence, violence in the workplace, ‘road-rage’, and violence while committing criminal acts such as robbery or even shoplifting. For example, in preparation for this article – the below alleged incidents took place during the month of August 2013:

  • Kansas: Female suspect used a stun gun on a loss prevention officer.
  • Nebraska: Male suspect resisted arrest, and assaulted police officer, breaking his nose. Suspect also attempted to grab the officer’s gun.
  • Ohio: Two female suspects assaulted store manager when he attempted to stop them for suspected shoplifting.
  • Louisiana: Male suspected of shoplifting assaulted store loss prevention employee when confronted outside of store.
  • Male and female shoplifting suspects assaulted police officer by biting him on the hand during arrest.
  • Two suspected female thieves hit two store employees in the head and sprayed them with pepper spray when the employees attempted to stop the suspects.
  • New Jersey: Male suspect hit manager and other employees, left store through emergency exit, and was caught and subdued on street after chase by employees.

The above examples took place during ‘slow shopping periods’. As the holiday season commences there will be  more shoppers in your store, and shoplifters will be no exception.

Take ample time to reevaluate your store’s policies/safeguards related to approaching a suspected shoplifter.

Most importantly, know your Company’s policy pertaining to what actions are to be taken in the event a suspected theft is observed.

Experiences show that the greatest risk of serious injury to a store employee is likely to occur when the following takes place:

  • Aggressive contact/confrontation with the suspect.
  • Chases both inside and outside of a store.
  • Continuing to pursue a suspect into a parking lot.
  • Chasing a suspect in a vehicle.

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Well, if we can get just one LP member, manager, or associate to alter any past high-risk approach and turn it into a positive strategy, the message in this article is worthwhile!

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