Safer Workplace Equals Increased Profits

What if an OSHA inspector arrived at the door of one of your locations tomorrow, would they be ready for the inspection?  Is safety being given the attention it requires in all your locations?  Do you have an up-to-date Safety Program in your company locations (stores, units, DCs, warehouses, offices, etc.) which is being adhered to on a consistent basis?  Are you satisfied with the effectiveness of the dollars being spent within the safety area?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions then our Safety Assessment is likely just what you need.

Our Safety Assessment is similar to our Safety Review but not as detailed. This project focuses mostly on OSHA compliance issues at the location level.

Our Safety Assessment starts with Pre-Field Research including an analysis of your company’s loss runs; and a review of current Safety Programs/Audits, and any Safety Committee meeting ‘minutes’. This background information assists us during our on-site field portion of the assessment.

During the on-site field portion of this review critical safety functions, tasks, and processes known to contribute to accidents, injuries and losses will be reviewed in select stores and locations.  These will include areas dealing with emergency evacuation; personal protective equipment (PPE); housekeeping standards; required federal and state safety training records; OSHA Logs; required hazard communication and lockout/tagout programs; emergency exit routes and access; hazards and flammables; etc.

After completion of our on-site visits and reviews, our findings are documented in a management summary report.  These findings will include our concerns and realistic and cost-effective recommendations that are necessary for improved safety within the company.

Additional Information – Free Consultation!

Contact us today to discuss your needs within the loss prevention/shrinkage control and safety/risk management areas. For over 30 years we have helped companies to increase their profitability by reducing losses. Complete our information form by clicking here and we will promptly reply!

Benefits of our Safety Assessment include: reductions in accidents and injuries; minimizing exposure to OSHA fines; improved usage of “budgeted” safety dollars; a safer workplace; and a major return on the consulting fee investment.

If you are not satisfied with your company’s safety results; question the cost-effectiveness of dollars being spent within the safety area; or wish to have outside expertise review your current safety programs and strategies, give us a call at 813-991-5628, or visit our website at: and complete the “Contact Us” section and we will promptly contact you.




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