Reducing Shrinkage/Losses For Increased Profits

During the past 35 years we have helped numerous companies – from auto parts chains to lumber companies; telephone companies to musical instrument stores; beauty salons to fine jewelry stores; party goods outlets to military exchanges; soft drink and beer plants to gold refineries; apparel manufacturers to financial investors; automotive and airplane tire centers to computer companies; meat processing plants to supermarkets – to substantially cut their losses by 30%, 40%, 50% or more through effectively controlling their inventory shrinkage/losses.

What would it mean to your bottom-line if your company reduced its inventory loss by just one-tenth of one percent, . . . or better yet, a full percent or more?

Our Loss Prevention/Inventory Shrinkage Control Analysis can help you do just that. This in-depth study examines the client’s vulnerability to the primary shrinkage causing factors (internal theft, external theft and paper/systems/administrative errors). Once we identify the client’s primary shrinkage problems, we analyze the ways, methods, and programs currently used to deal with those problems. During this analysis, we visit and analyze operations within distribution/warehousing, transportation processes, stores/locations, and corporate/home office environments which effect the movement and accountability of product from point of receipt to point of sale or disposal. Our report document is specific regarding our concerns and recommendations for shrinkage improvement. Many of our clients refer to our report document as their “road map” to successful inventory shrinkage control.

Our Loss Prevention/Inventory Shrinkage Control Analysis starts with Pre-Field Research including a thorough analysis of your company’s inventory shrinkage results/losses and trends; review of company P&P manuals; Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control Programs and Audits; Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control Committee meeting ‘minutes”; etc. This gives us a wealth of information and knowledge prior to beginning the on-site field portion of the Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control Analysis.

During the on-site field portion of this project we visit select stores/locations, DCs/warehouses, and select areas within the Corporate/Home Office. During these on-site visits we conduct a detailed analysis of product movement from time of receipt until time of sale, shipment, return or disposal, reviewing all areas of inventory movement, accountability and control.

After completion of our on-site visits and reviews, we return to our offices to complete the report document which includes the client company’s loss prevention/inventory shrinkage control strengths, opportunities for improvement, and our specific concerns and recommendations. Also included in the report document are Immediate and Short-Term Action plans to assist in obtaining a “quick start” process for getting your new loss prevention/inventory shrinkage control strategies and program underway.

Additional Information – Free Consultation!

Contact us today to discuss your needs within the loss prevention/shrinkage control and safety/risk management areas. For over 30 years we have helped companies to increase their profitability by reducing losses. Complete our information form by clicking here and we will promptly reply!

Some of the benefits of our Loss Prevention/Inventory Shrinkage Control Analysis include: an annual reduction in the company’s shrinkage/losses; more effective utilization of “budgeted” loss prevention/shrinkage control dollars; better trained managers and employees; an implementation-oriented program designed to reduce failure factors; and a Loss Prevention/Inventory Shrinkage Control Program which provides a major return on the consulting fee investment.

If you are not satisfied with your company’s security, loss prevention, or shrinkage control-related results; question the cost-effectiveness of payroll and equipment dollars being spent within this highly technical area; or wish to have outside expertise critique of your current programs and strategies, give us a call at 813-991-5628, or visit our website at: and complete the “Contact Us” section and we will promptly contact you.

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