Shrink Control / Loss Prevention – It’s What We Do

Let me ask you a few questions.

. What would it mean to your company’s bottom-line profits if you were able to reduce your inventory loss by just one-tenth of one percent; or better yet, by a full percent or more?
. Is your Loss Prevention/Shrinkage Control program as effective as it should be?
. Are the dollars you are spending on loss prevention (personnel, equipment, etc.) giving you the best return on your investment?
. Are you targeting the right areas in your loss prevention efforts?

If your answers to the above are not to your liking, or you question the effectiveness of your current program, or have no program at all, we can help you!

For over 30 years Hayes International has helped hundreds of companies reduce their losses through a program of more effectively controlling their inventory shrinkage/losses.  It all starts with a review/analysis to identify a client’s primary shrinkage causing factors (internal theft, external theft, administrative errors).  We best relate this approach to one of a doctor and patient. The process must commence with a thorough ‘examination’, as appropriate treatment cannot be prescribed through a cursory check-up, or someone’s perception of the problem. During this analysis, we personally visit and analyze client operations in the field and office which effect the movement and accountability of product from the point of receipt, to point of sale or disposal.

Many of our clients refer to our report document as “their roadmap” to successful inventory shrinkage control.

Additional Information – Free Consultation!

Contact us today to discuss your needs within the loss prevention/shrinkage control and safety/risk management areas. For over 30 years we have helped companies to increase their profitability by reducing losses. Complete our information form by clicking here and we will promptly reply!

If you have questions concerning your losses, the effectiveness of your LP Program, are in need of a shrink/loss review; or need help in creating a pro-active Loss Prevention Program  to minimize vulnerabilities to internal theft, external theft and administrative errors, give us a call at 813-991-5628 or visit our website at  $

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