26th Annual Retail Theft Survey

This highly anticipated annual theft survey contains data regarding the apprehensions and dollar recoveries from both shoplifters and dishonest employees from 23 of the largest U.S. retailers. Our 26th Annual Retail Theft Survey reports on over 1.1 million apprehensions and more than $199 million in recoveries from these thieves.

Welcome to Hayes International

For over 30 years, Jack L. Hayes International has provided a wide spectrum of Asset Protection, Inventory Shrinkage Control, Loss Prevention, Risk Management, Safety, and Security related services to every facet of industry including retail, manufacturing, and industrial organizations.

Long-term Relationships

The success of our client’s business is uppermost in our minds as we establish long-term relationships with our customers. We are pleased to cite that over 95 percent of our new consulting projects come directly from client referrals.

Our Services

Inventory Shrinkage Control/Loss Prevention

Over the past 30 years, the team at Hayes international has developed a reputation within the area of shrinkage control/loss prevention that is second to none!

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Loss Prevention & Safety Audits

It is a proven fact that even the very best of programs, systems, and controls require regular monitoring to help ensure success. Our experienced field consultants not only conduct program and risk audits, but also provide practical solutions for unnecessary exposures.

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Safety and Risk Management

An OSHA/EPA inspector just arrived at your door . . . Are you ready for their spontaneous inspection, or is the walk-thru going to prove costly?

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Latest News

  • Reducing Recidivism

    Recently we have learned much about the role of human agency in helping people make lasting change in their behavior. The key insight is that unless people have complete freedom to decide what is right and wrong, they do not internalize standards of moral behavior. The development of character requires that people have the ability to decide how they should … Read More

  • Flash Mob Robberies

    Well, it’s that time of year again. Hayes International has released its 26th Annual Retail Theft Survey, and the crime of shoplifting continues to set new records. We are also finding that as incidents of shoplifting increase, acts of intimidation and violence are also becoming more prevalent. Sure we still have hundreds of thousands of thieves that best fit into … Read More

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    If you are not satisfied with your company’s results in the shrinkage control and/or safety area, or simply wish to have outside expertise critique your current strategies, give us a call, or just ask our hundreds of satisfied clients about Hayes International’s capabilities!